Taco Salad

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  This recipe is a massive crowd pleaser and Cormac asked me to publish it on Dinner in Dublin so he could share it with friends. So here… Read More »


Season Special: Scrumptuous Brussels Sprouts

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  Brussels Sprouts are good for you is what you get to hear a lot, but I haven’t actually met anybody who likes them for what they are…. Read More »


Season Special: Cinnamon Buns

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  The days are getting shorter, it’s actually quite chilly out and there’s no denying that autumn is back. Good news is, this means brightly colored leaves, wood… Read More »


Wasabi Sesame Cucumber Salad

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  This is a recipe that I’ve found on Pinterest (once again) and it’s becoming one of my favorites. I’ve always loved cucumber salad anyway, but this one… Read More »


Greek Special: Youvetsi

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  Yes, we were gone for a while, for a couple of reasons. Work was crazy for a bit and I was traveling all over the place literally… Read More »